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How to limit outbound calls.

I have a Cisco 2801 connected to a PBX. The remote IP telephones are connected through ATA devices.

I need to restrict the calls that VoIP phones can do through PBX.

For example, telephones 1 to 5 can call to numbers x, y and z. Telephones 6 to 9 can call to numbers a, b and c. And so on.

I have investigated about it and only find one possibility: CoR (Class of Restriction). But with this, my configuration grows very much, because CoR forces to create so many "dial-peer cor list" and "dial-peer voice x pots", one for each number restriction.

Is there any other funcionality to permit only certain numbers?


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Re: How to limit outbound calls.

You did not specify what your PBX is, and what is controlling the phones? DO you have CCME on the router?

You usually set Class of Service on the PBX, in case of CCME environment it would be via COR. You could play around with translation rules but that would be a lot more challanging.


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Re: How to limit outbound calls.


My router doesn't have CCME. It's only connected to a telephone switchboard (only with dialer-peer voice and pots). Some phones are connected directly to that PBX, and the remote phones are connected through ATAs. ATAs send the IP communications to the router, and the router to PBX.

I'm trying to define the call limitation in the router itself.

I have tried translation rules, but with de 'reject' command I only can reject some numbers, and what I need is to permit some numbers.

With only translations rules, whitout 'reject', I don't know how to do it.

I have tried COR, too, and it works. But the configuration grows enormously.

Any idea? IT's COR my only solution?


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Re: How to limit outbound calls.

Any idea?

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