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How to Monitor AXL Requests ??

Have you got any idea how to monitor AXL requests sent to the CUCM and processed?

I would like to know if there are any applications which can help me to watch the amount precisely.

Now, the better way I have is to check with netdump/tcpdump - wireshark and log of "AXL Web Service"

[EDIT] But AXL Requests are encapsulated in https... [/EDIT]

Thanks in advance for your answers !


Re: How to Monitor AXL Requests ??

With rtmt, you can get realtime display of the axl logs (and for ccm4 you can run tail on the ccm to get the same.. just rdp into the box and run tail on the axl logfile)

there's also the soapmonitor (https:///realtimeservice/SOAPMonitor but it seems to be for axl serviceability only.

I'm in the fortunate position (well, fortunately is relative since writing and adapting that code to newer version requires quite a bit of effort) that I write my own xml code and thus have means to dump request and responses locally

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Re: How to Monitor AXL Requests ??

Thanks for your answer,

Finally, I came to this solution too.

This is not user-friendly but it helps a lot.

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