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How to restrict voice traffic on one wan link out of two.

There are two wan links between two locations and also running voip between these two sites. Now the problem is out of two wan link one is giving more delay because of which voice problem is occuring.How to restrict voice traffic on one wan link.


Re: How to restrict voice traffic on one wan link out of two.

1.Use policy routing on the incoming interface for the voice traffic to catch and set the next-hop parametrs to the next-hop

of the chosen wan interface. This is not so cool as it add and additional processing delay to

voice traffic.

2. A better solution is to make the session target of the voip dial-peer equal to the next hop address of the wan interface. This you can use only if the next-hop

router at the end of the proposed wan link is the terminating router

for the voice call.

3. If not then use static router to point you traffic out the

next-hop of the favoured wan interface. add the second static with a higher administartive distance for backup or not if you n

have a dynamic route entry that can kick in.

ip route x.x.x.x y.y.y.y

ip route x.x.x.x z.z.z.z 200

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