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New Member

How to ring back from unattendant DN to operator after blind transfer

Posted by: - Nov 10, 2005, 8:55am PST

Hi all.

I need to know if is posible to accomplish this customer requeriment.

An operator recive an external call (via gateway) and make a blind transfer to a internal DN. If this destination DN doesn't answer, the call should ring back automatically to the operator again. Is this possible with CallManager?

We can't use internal forward (inside line configuration), because internal calls shouldn't be transferred to operator if destination DN doesn't answer.

If is impossible to make this only with CallManager, can we use "forward call routing" in Unity for this issue?

Thank you very much.


Re: How to ring back from unattendant DN to operator after blind

Hmmm, that's an interesting one. This solution should be easily acomplished with IPCC and I'm not sure about CM. The problem is how can CM differentiate between Operator blind transfer from other DNs blind transfers. This is easy to acomplish with Hunt Groups using Call Forward No Coverage. I think Unity might be your only solution. But I might be wrong since I haven't played with this particular setup. Also keep in mind that Unity will use ports for call transfers.

Cisco Employee

Re: How to ring back from unattendant DN to operator after blind

I'm not sure Unity could offer much help either. When the opterator does a blind transfer to a phone that CFNAs to Unity, the transfer will have already been released by the time the call hits Unity. Thus the info will show the oringal caller as the calling party. There will likely be no idication that this call was transfered through the operator.

I suppose if you know that all external calls will be routed through the operator then you might be able to leverage a forwarded call routing rule that triggers off any call with an external calling number. I'm not sure how this would work with calls coming in with callerID blocked. Also, note that any solution you come up with using Unity will add an additional transfer to flow. So when the operater transfers, the caller will hear some hold tone/music, a few rings, then Unity will pick up and say, "please wait while i transfer your call", then more hold/tone music and a few more rings and finally your back at the operator.

I think IPCC or possibly the Personal Assistant could much better server your needs.


New Member

Re: How to ring back from unattendant DN to operator after blind

Just a thought but how about sending the call to Unity and have Unity do a supervised transfer? Unity can do it based on whether the other ends answers or busy etc.

Unity will do it for all calls but atleast it can do a supervised transfer maybe that might help.

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