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How to set QOS for Voice and Data application

I designed a network for my collegue. The applications are Voice and Data. I used Cisco router 3640 series with E1 Voice Card to deliver voice. IP and IP are used in data application. The connection is point to point. No problem for data transmission .But for voice service is not working well. Especially when peak time, bandwidth is used by data transmission. This condition affect voice quality. The quality is degrade. I have set ip presedence 5 on the dial-peer and rsvp, but the qualtiy is still bad. In busy time, call is connected but voice call is bad for one way, and good for another.

I am very appreciated for help


Re: How to set QOS for Voice and Data application

Not knowing what is between the 2 routers , this it is hard to tell you exactly how to do this. Setting IP precedence 5 and using RSVP may not help if there is no QOS set up in any devices in the middle.

Best thing is to use Low Latency Queueing (LLQ) on all routers that the VOIP traffic traverses. Suggest you do a search on CCO for this keyword and start reading up on it.

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