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How to Transfer calls and mail within unity...


Recently one of our sales people has left the company for 3 weeks for a vacation. I want to have anyone who dials her extension to be forwarded to my extension, and also, if I dont answer my extension, takes messages, for both my and the sales person. Thanks... Is there any way that the callers who dial her extension and my phone rings and then I dont answer, hear her greeting, and if they had dialed my extension, they would hear my greeting. Thanks

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Re: How to Transfer calls and mail within unity...

Use TRAP to copy her greeting to a file, then temporarily change her extension and create a call handler with her old extension. Then use TRAP to paste her greetinig back in. Allow it to 'take message" after the greeting, and set yourself up as the message recipient.


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Re: How to Transfer calls and mail within unity...

The easiest way would be to add another line to your phone that shares the sales reps DN in Callmanager. This will not ring your primary line, but it will ring your phone and if you don't answer it will follow the normall CFNA rule and play out the sales reps greeting. You'll also have to reset the sales reps voicemail password to retrieve these messages.

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