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How to turn on a 7941G-GE phone

Are the 7941G-GE phones different than the 7941G on how the startup works? Plug in the 7941Gs and they automatically run the startup, plug in the 7941G-GE and get no startup. Do they need a separate power supply to work?


Re: How to turn on a 7941G-GE phone

Yes, they power requirement for a 7941 and 7941-GE are not the same. 7941 works with Cisco Pre-standard PoE and with IEEE 802.3af PoE. (Please Check Power Requirements)

9741-GE Phones only supports IEEE 802.3af PoE. If your Switch does not support then you can use the AC-to-DC power supply (part number CP-PWR-CUBE-3=).

(Please Check Power Requirements)


Re: How to turn on a 7941G-GE phone

Hello Larry,

As quoted by Mahesh, the 7941 and the 7941-GE are not the same and they should work on a switch that supports both (Cisco pre-standard and IEEE) PoE standards.

You can also buy a power brick for those phones if the you dont have a switch that supports that phone PoE standard.

This is the power brick part number: CP-PWR-CUBE

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Re: How to turn on a 7941G-GE phone

For a Cisco CP-7941G-GE use a Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE3.

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How to turn on a 7941G-GE phone

Five years old thread, chances are OP has moved on by now

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