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How we use the "Call SubFlow" step??

Hi everybody!

It's me again!

In my IVR flow application I am trying to found a solution for this:

The user digits his/her client number, than the DBRead goes to found if the user exists and than the DBGet returns a number!

The problem how can I decode the number and translate it to voice!

Very good exercise!

Does anyone knows how we use the Call SubFlow step???

Some clues, I would be gratefull!

Rui André.

Cisco Employee

Re: How we use the "Call SubFlow" step??

So you want to take the number from the database record and read it back to the caller?

If you use the DBGet step to store the table value in an integer variable for example, then you can use the Output step to play it back.

Create the Output step, point it to the variable where the value has been stored. If it is a number you can either set the type as String to play it back digit by digit (e.g. 8675309) or set the type as Digit to play it back as a number (e.g. 8,675,309)

Community Member

Re: How we use the "Call SubFlow" step??

David you are the best!

It works!

Now I will have to translate the number to Portuguese!

Thank you one more time!

See you later.

Rui André.

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