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HP Procurve with Cisco IP Phones

I have a customer that has a scattered installation of HP ProCurve 4000M switches along with a majority of Cisco Switches.

Can someone tell me if I can support a secondary vlan for IP Phones.

I see that the HP switches support dot1q trunks and CDP.

I imagine that the "auxilary" vlan isn't available though.

Any ideas?



Re: HP Procurve with Cisco IP Phones

You can manually set the Aux VLAN on the phone itself, this is a administrative nightmare obviously. Also, if the phone receives a CDP message with a Voice VLAN ID, that VLAN will over ride the manually configured VLAN.

New Member

Re: HP Procurve with Cisco IP Phones

Hi Scott,

I look for the same question ? I think that it is possible !

1) Desactivate CDP en HP procurve switch

2) Configure statictly the CISCO IP Phone (Admin. VLAN Id.)

3) Configure the voice VLAN with the same Vlan Id on the procurve

4) Let the default-vlan as untagged

I will be interested about any information on it !


New Member

Re: HP Procurve with Cisco IP Phones


it is a very important concern to install Telephony IP on HP switches cause VLAN ID must be fixed on all ip phones and ATAs. Imagine an implementation with 1000 ip phones.

On ATAs is more complex to do it cause Opflags and VLANSettings must be fixed to static and the vlan to number the vlan belong.

Does anybody test with GVRP HP protocol?

Thanks and regards,


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