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HSRP details


customer needs to have a redundant cme setup in his environment.

his present config is ccm 3.0 on a 2600 series router. this router also connects his remote branch through a leased line.

connected to this router is a 3550 cat switch with two fibre modules connecting back to two other cat switches. on one of these switches is connected another 2600 series with a T1 connected to their legacy PBX system (mix if PBX and IPT).

now he just bought a 2811 voice router. he wants to have it as a spare for obvious reasons.

im thinking of configuring HSRP but im not too clear as where to start. ive been doing the reading but still not quite clear. here are my issues:

do i configure hsrp on the switch or on both routers?.

what about routes? at present he has static routes on the router as well as the switches(vlans 2 data 3 voice and doing intervlan routing).

the gateway for the clients are at present the router. id like to leave that ip address so i wouldnt have to make any major changes to the network. now, i understand that ill be configuring a virtual address but then ill have to configure other addresses on the router as well as change the static routes throughout the network?

sorry it looks like im confused. any help will be appreciated. in the mean time ill do some more research. i know it should be simple, and from the documentation i understand the theory....


Re: HSRP details

you state two routers, one connected to remote site and one connected to the pbx.

where did you want hsrp to run, to the remote site or to the pbx?

also, does the 3550 have EMI? (routing capable) or SMI (not routing capable)

what are the other cat switches the 3550 connected to and are they L3 capable?

verify topology as shown below plz:






Re: HSRP details

the two routers will be placed for connectivity to the remote sites only. im running ccme only on the current router and the other has the same configuration , software and hardware in the event of "hardware" failure. we are not doing any type of load balancing etc.

switch is EMI. and there is also another 3550 on the other side that is also EMI.

TOPOLOGY IS CORRECT, my concern is with remote side connection only for ccme redundancy

to sum up, two routers connecting to 3550 EMI. ip phones also connected to this switch. in the event of failure of one router would like to cut over to standby router that has same configuration and components. (NO LOAD Balancing to be done therefore only one group to be configured)


Re: HSRP details

use hsrp on the routers at the border of the remote site, basically the two CME routers.

use the ConfigHSRP section of the following link:

NOTE: various router platforms configured for HSRP may cause instability...see link below:


Re: HSRP details

also, any static routes must be reconfigured to point to the VIP created for hsrp.

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