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HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) on 7921 IP Phone

Hello all, I'm attempting to run the sample push2phone application (ASP) to deliver text messages to a model 7921 ip phone. I have edited the sample source as needed, installed the required COM server & associated the phone with the "sdkapps" user in CallManager.

After executing the push, the web page informs me that it has sent the message to the phone. However, the phone never shows the pushed message on its display. The only thing I see change on the phone is that the phrase "Host Not Found" appears in the lower text bar.

I also used a packet sniffer to get a better look at what's going on. After the web server delivers the CiscoIPPhoneExecute object via POST, the HTTP response code from the ip phone is 500 "Internal Server Error".

Any ideas about what I could be missing? My CallManager version is 4.1.(3). I recently deployed the 4-1-devpack-65 to install the necessary firmware for the 7921 phone.

Thanks for any assistance,


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Re: HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) on 7921 IP Phone

What is the xml you are pushing to the 7921?

Problably it contains an url that could not be found by the 7921 phone...

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Re: HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) on 7921 IP Phone

Mike, thank you for your reply.

The XML is simply the push2phone ASP sample included in the SDK. It's just a CiscoIPPhoneExecute object which pushes an alert message to the phone. We actually debugged the sample code, extracted the URLs from the debugger and then pasted them into a browser on our machines; we were able to view the URL. The URLs aren't the problem.

We have discovered the actual problem to be an issue with the phone's usage of DNS. We noticed that in the CallManager Enterprise Parameter area, there were many URLs that referenced DSNs (e.g. "cisco1" for CCM server). We then replaced the DSN strings with IP addresses, *especially for the parameter URL Authenticate*, and the phone was then able to receive the alert messages. As far as we can tell, the phone does recognize our DNS server (it shows up under the Network Settings summary). We can't explain why the phone doesn't properly use DNS, and we'd rather not use fixed IP addresses in CCM, but that is the workaround.

Also, I have to say that from a troubleshooting perspective, the phone is practically useless. We saw that it issued a "Host Not Found" message when we attempted to push XML to it. But how were we supposed to know which host it couldn't find, and which operation (i.e. HTTP GET or POST) triggered the error? The phone trace logs have lots of information in them, but nothing related to IP services. It sure would be nice to have access to a shell on the phone in order to assist in diagnosing just these kind of connectivity errors. Also, some improved IP service logging would be useful.

Hope this helps someone else.


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