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Hunt Group Configuration

Is it possibile to configure a hunt group where all phones ring at the same time and the first user gets the call?

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Re: Hunt Group Configuration

Not really - this was a gripe we had with the system when our Cisco supplier convinced us it would, and it came to prototyping and it was obvious that it couldn't, and that they didn't have a clue what they were doing....

In the end, we had to buy 7960 phones (with 6 lines), and put the same six lines on each. (e.g. 001 002 003 004 005 006) and turned off call waiting. We then forwarded 001 to 002, 002 to 003, and so on , and looped the last one round 006-001 or to voicemail.

When the first line rings (on all phones), it's either answered or goes to the next line, which rings all phones. This allows up to six concurrent answered or waiting calls to come in without problems.

The only other way is to use software like Arc ( which will distribute your calls to users that are logged in, or use some other dodgy huntgroup config (set up users in a group, and forward on no answer/busy back into the group - if someone doesn't answer in three rings it goes to the next person). Of course, this doesn't make all phones ring at once...

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Re: Hunt Group Configuration

Sorry you are not able to forward no answer/all/busy back to the group in a hunt group.

When you try to dial the group number (longest idle)and then hit the phone with forward answer/all/busy the hunt group will not be accessible any more until you have reset the callmanager service. This is on ver 3.2.(2C)

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