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hunt group doesn't work correctly

Hunt Group does not function.

to resolve the problem it's necessary to make a Stop and Start the Service Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher in topic :serviceability/tool/controlcenter/.

Every day you must do that.

How to fix this problem

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Re: hunt group doesn't work correctly

If you are having issues with your HUnt groups, I would fist advise that you ensure you are using Attendant console as opposed to the older Web Attendant.

Also ensure that you are follwing the guidelines for supported huntgroup configuration.



Thirty-two hunt groups (pilot numbers) per Cisco CallManager cluster

Sixteen hunt group members per hunt group

Two hunting algorithms: Longest Idle and First Available

As many call loops per attendant console as lines are configured on the controlled IP phone device—Any loop may be assignable as a hunt group member

Ninety-six Cisco CallManager attendant consoles per cluster

Maximum of 16 x 32 = 512 simultaneous calls on as many as 96 configured attendant consoles

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Re: hunt group doesn't work correctly

Thank for your help.

but, it is not my problem.I think that my hunt group is configured correctly. Must I open a case for this problem ?

Do you know my problem ?

Have you a URL with explanation of hunt group troublshooting ?


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Re: hunt group doesn't work correctly

Hunt Groups on 3.3(2) are a lot better, you dont need to restart the TCD for changes.

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