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Hunt Group Shared Line question

Customer has the following call routing scenario:

CCM 4.2(3)

CTI Route Point is CFwdAll to a Hunt Pilot.

Hunt Pilot contains Hunt List containing a broadcast Hunt Group of 5 phones.

4 of these 5 phones each have the other phones' shared line appearances (ring disabled) so they can see if they are on the phone.

Issue - When incoming call hits the CTI RP, it then goes to the Hunt Pilot, Hunt List, then it "should" ring all the phones in the hunt group. But it only rings the very first DN in the Hunt Group and the DN of the phone that is not setup as a shared line on the other phones. The 4 phones that have each other's DNs setup as shared lines only see the call info popup on the LCD screen showing that the first DN is receiving the call, but their phone doesn't ring.

As a test, I switched the order of the hunt group DNs. After the switch, I realized that only the first number in the broadcast hunt group will ring. Kind of defeats the purpose of a broadcast hunt group. :(

I am starting to see where the issue may come from. If a phone has shared lines setup for DNs that are in a broadcast hunt group, each time a call comes in, then the phones would fill up the LCD with the call info for the 4 shared line DNs.

Any suggestions on allowing phones to be in a broadcast hunt group, and having shared line appearances to monitor the status of the other phones in the hunt group?



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Re: Hunt Group Shared Line question

Hi Kevin,

You are right on the money! Here is an odd tech note that applies to CCM 4.1.X , 4.2.X and 5.0.x. The reason I say odd is that it is hard to read or make sense of, but it is saying exactly what you have discovered.

Note: Do not put DNs that are shared lines in a line group that uses the Broadcast distribution algorithm. Cisco CallManager cannot display all DNs that are shared lines on devices where the DNs are configured as shared lines if the DNs are members of a line group that uses the Broadcast distribution algorithm.

From this doc;

Cisco CallManager Administration Guide, Release 4.1(3) Line Group Configuration

In the current environment I can't think of a good way to accomplish your goal of being able to monitor each others activity while using Broadcast hunting.

I know this doesn't help, but at least you know why it works the way it does. (and have some documentation)

Take care!


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Re: Hunt Group Shared Line question


Ah the documentation. :)

So, I am kind of screwed. I guess they could use Attendant Console for monitoring the lines and get rid of the shared lines. They really want to have all the phones ring and be able to see when each other is on the phone.

I guess I have a few other options such as making this department's DID a line appearance and trying auto-line select. Or, since they are in the same pickup group and within earshot distance of the other phones, I could make the DID ring one of the phones and then they could simply use the pickup softkey.

Thanks for the documentation link. Now I can prove why it wasn't working!



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