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Hunt List with CTI Route to Voicemail

Here's what I have set up so far:

Hunt Pilot # ie 12345

Hunt List contains the Line Group

Line Group contains the extensions I want to hunt which is set to broadcast on all the extensions.

Let's say my main desk number is 11111 for the department. On this number, I have the no answer or busy set to go the hunt list #12345 so the phone has coverage if the person on 11111 is not at their desk. It broadcasts on all the phones and the first one to pick it up gets the call.

Here's the last part I can't get figured out. I want the calls to go to 11111's voicemail box if noone answers the phone.

Here's what I started to do:

Created a cti route point and assigned a # ie 22222. Here is where I am not sure what to enter on the actual DN configuration call forward/pickup settings AND I don't know how to tell it to go to 11111's voicemail.

Using Callmanager 4.x

Not using attendant console!

Can you help? Thanks.


Re: Hunt List with CTI Route to Voicemail

You do not need CTI RP. In Forward Hunt no Answer under Hunt Pilot enter VM pilot. If you use Unity you might need to add routing rules there to properly route to correct VM subscriber. In my deployments last year I made it work without CTI RP.

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Re: Hunt List with CTI Route to Voicemail

I have it working now using CTI Routing. Thanks for your answer though.


Re: Hunt List with CTI Route to Voicemail


How did you get it working with CTI RP? I tried it but since you can't (?) add Route Points to line groups I couldn't get it to work.

Thanks - Rob.

Re: Hunt List with CTI Route to Voicemail

You could match the DNIS of the call to a CTI rp which call forwards to hunt list pilot. Set a maximum hunt timer and check the personal preferences option. When this option is checked, and max hunt timer is reached, the Call forward no coverage setting of the original called number (CTI route point) is used. Check the CFNC setting on the CTI route point to forward to voicemail. Create a mailbox for the CTI route points DN in Unity.

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