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Hunt Pilot can't be viewed or deleted

When I want view or delete a Hunt Pilot which I added previously,the following error was showed:

The following error occurred while attempting to retrieve and display the requested information:

Error No. 1557:

CDBLException Dump: [ActiveX object not initialized via insert or select]

Cisco OS version:2000.4.1b

Cisco OS Patch ver:2000.4.2sr5

CallManager ver:4.1(3)

CallManager SR ver:4.1(3) SR3a


Re: Hunt Pilot can't be viewed or deleted

Looks like you are using the CSCsb42763 workaround.

Use this query to find it out:

Select * from PickupGroupLineMap WHERE fkNumPlan_Line = 'pkid of thehuntpilot'

To remove pilot points

1). Open MS SQL Enterprise Manager

2). Open Databases -> CCM030XX -> Tables -> right click NumPlan -> Open Table

-> Return all rows.

3). Click on the fourth icon (SQL) and it will present a query box.

4). Paste the following and add the hunt pilot DN,

SELECT * FROM NumPlan WHERE (DNOrPattern = '')

5). Note the pkid of this record.

6). Remove the select query and paste, delete from PickupGroupLineMap where

fkNumPlan_Line =''

7). Remove the delete query and paste, delete from NumPlan where pkid =


8). Return to step 4). And continue for other hunt pilots.



New Member

Re: Hunt Pilot can't be viewed or deleted

Firstly,thank you very much.I have done as your method,but the problem still was existing.What should I do next?

New Member

Re: Hunt Pilot can't be viewed or deleted

Sorry,sorry.I make a mistake in step 2.I mistake "delete from PickupGroupLineMap where

fkNumPlan_Line ='' " for "SELECT * FROM PickupGroupLineMap WHERE NumPlan_Line = ')".

Thank you very much for you help.Now I have solved the problem.

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