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I am implementing a statewide Voice and Video network...

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am putting together a statewide network which will handle video and voice for 23 (intra)statewide sites. These are my thoughts so far:

1. I will most likely use ATM. There is a very dense ATM/Frame network in this state and I believe that the costs of leased circuits will be more than is necessary. I am thinking 768kb via ATM (dynamic bandwidth allocation) will be enough for the video and no more than 4 voice channels optimally at G.711(64kb). In reality there will probably be no more than 2 voice channels needed at most sites. Video will go out over Polycom 128's running at 256kb. There will be some data running over this network, but probably not much. Possible internet convergence somewhere down the road.

2. I would like to get by with upgrades only to the PBXs' and no IP phones at this time. I would like to use the most economical routers/hardware possible. There will probably be no major growth within this network. I am thinking 1750's most everywhere. Do I need a bigger router at a central site- 2600? Do I need a central CCM or can I pass the traffic with the setup I have described?

3. I would really appreciate a look at an implementation similar to what I am doing. I can travel most anywhere in the East/Southeast.

I am trying to be very economical, but it does have to work. You can contact me directly if you like at 803-744-9460 or

Thanks so much,


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