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I need a quick answer on a 7914 config

I have a user that has shared line on her 7914 that are set to flash only. If she goes off hook to make a call and a shared line is flashing she answers that call by mistake.How do I keep this from happening.


Re: I need a quick answer on a 7914 config

CallManager Service Parameter. "Use Prime Line Only"

But note there is a bug in certain CCM versions where having this set will still pick up a shared line that is ringing. I think 4.1.3 was the version that fixed it.

If you are running into the bug, the workaround until you upgrade is to have the user press her "prime line" button first before picking up the handset.

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Re: I need a quick answer on a 7914 config

By default the Cisco CallManager is configured to pick an ringing line when lifting the horn, even if it's not the primary line.

You can change this behaviour, by changing a parameter (cluster-wide)! You can find this parameter at:

Service Parameters -> CallManager Service

Under "Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone)" you'll find "Always use Prime Line" which is set to "false" by default.

Now to pickup an incoming call of a non-primary line, you'll have to select the line-button.

Hopefully Cisco will add a real status-monitor function in a future release of CallManager, which removes the need to use a shared line with its pro's and con's...

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Re: I need a quick answer on a 7914 config


Is there any way to work around changing the parameter cluster-wide? We have only one operator in our company that is complaining about "accidentally intercepting" phone calls from her 7914. I had previously explained to her about selecting her line or new call before making a call but she doesn't like that work around... I have a feeling that if I changed this parameter cluster-wide I'm going to receive negative feedback from ALL of the other users out there with shared lines on their phones. If I'm understanding this correctly everyone with a shared line would then have to select the shared line to answer it, correct?

Thanks for the info already provided by the post, I have been looking everywhere for this!!



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Re: I need a quick answer on a 7914 config

You are correct. They would have to select the shared line if they wanted to answer it. I usually have a call pickup group setup for people who have shared lines just for line status, they can call pickup the call so it frees up there line instead of occupying it. I do not know of a way to get around the clusterwide parameter.

What we really need is a real line status indicator, not a shared line turned into line status.

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