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I need help with what equip to get for VoIP

Bell South is installing the following:

Dedicated Internet Access, 512K 1/4 CIR CPE option, will terminate at the standard DMARC on a T-1 interface. BellSouth will not be providing the equipment.

Frame Relay connection from Wexford pointing to Charleston, SC will also terminate at the standard DMARC on a T-1 interface. Bellsouth will not be providing the equipment.

For both circuits, each router will need to have FRAD software. You may choose to terminate both T-1's into the same router (if cards are available) or you can choose to have 2 separate routers, one for each T1.

I need to know what frames to get and what cards to get to do voice to the merridian switch.

New Member

Re: I need help with what equip to get for VoIP

Hello Tim,

You have described two T-1 circuits running Frame Relay. That’s fine, all you need are regular serial ports on the router. They will require a DSU/CSU externally or you could get router modules with internal DSU/CSU’s. They cost a little more but look neater in the rack. These connections would be configured as regular ip links over which you would run ip packets. The routers do not care whether the packets carry voice or data. Now there are some Quality of Service issues but lets assume that they don’t exist temporarily.

Your last statement mentions connecting to a Merridian switch. I assume from this that the router will also connect to the Merridian PBX in some manner. This will require a “POTS” trunk of some type between the router and the PBX. This brings up the question of, “what can the PBX run?” The PBX will need a trunk card using a POTS protocol that is compatible with a protocol available on the router. I recommend PRI ISDN unless the PBX is very small. Then you might consider a fractional T-1 running CAS voice. Your Cisco rep would be more than happy to guide you to the appropriate modules for your router.

An unknown factor in your question is the volume of calls with which you will be dealing. I envision a 3600 router with the appropriate modules.

I hope this is a start.


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