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New Member

I need to add a new 2811 MGCP

I have a clouster 4.1.2 and need to add a new office (external)which has a independient numeric plan.

Some body can refresh me the rigth flow to configurate, becouse I was think:

1.- Add Gateway to CCM clouster

2.- Add a new translation patern to offices phones

3.- Route patterns to external office

4.- Route patterns to international and long distance calls

5.- Superviability

bud I don't know if I need a route group, a route list or create a zone



Re: I need to add a new 2811 MGCP

First thing you need find out what modules (vwic or vic, nm) / type of connectivity you have to the pstn. (T1, e1, fxo, cas, r2 etc).

Also you need to figure out what protocol you want to use, MGCP / H323. Each protocol has its own advantages and limitations, so choose the protocol based on features you need.

once that is done, your steps are pretty much in line. You dont need step 2 in certain cases. For ex: if phones have 4 digit DID, and telco sends you 4 digits, then you dont need a translation pattern.

Not sure what you mean in step 5. But before creating route patterns at step 3 and 4, i would add the gateway at step2 into a route group and the route group into a route list. POint the route patterns to the route list. This way if you add more t1s, you can add some add the new t1 into the same or different route group, with out altering the route pattern configuration.



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New Member

Re: I need to add a new 2811 MGCP

Superviability = SRST

we add a gateway with T1, module in slot 0 = NM-4VWIC-MBRD and subunit 0 VWIC-1MFT-T1, MGCP configuration, my traslations pattern is 4 digit DID to PSTN.

My problens is when I dialing inmidiatly go down. I was think so I don't have asigned channel to T1, for these reason I try to create route list and route group bud I can't add S0/SU0/DS1-0@GGateway

Re: I need to add a new 2811 MGCP

IF you point a route pattern to the gateway directly, you cannot add that gateway into a route group. You will have to

a. either delete all route patterns that are pointed to the gateway in question

b. create route group, add gateway to route group

c. add route group to route list

d. add route patterns and point them to the route list.


a. add a dummy h323 gateway.

b. repoint all route patterns to this h323 gateway. (temporary)

c. add a route group and add the mgcp gateway in question to the route group, and add route group to a route list.

d. repoint all route patterns to the route list

e. delete h323 gateway.

On the issue with calls not going out, I would check

a. sh isdn status

b. see if gateway is registered to callmanager

c. sh ccm-manager

d. debug isdn q931 - to see whats the cause code for calls not going out.

e. if route patterns have any partitions configured, then that partition need to be accessible in the CSS configured on the phone.



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New Member

Re: I need to add a new 2811 MGCP

thank you very much ..Sankar

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