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ICD 3.0 Best Practices Doc

Is there a best practices for deploying ICD 3.0

THe customer would like a written doc that can be used with upper management as to why to deploy ICD at a remote site rather than using the Corp HQ CCM and ICD solution


Re: ICD 3.0 Best Practices Doc

I along with upper mgmt, would wonder why you wouldn't have ICD close to the CallManagers. If it can't contact the CCM's, then it's pretty much usless, so the fact that it is closer to the agents, doesn't prevent any failures. It can be maintained and administered remotely, so that isn't really an issue. The only thing that I could think of that would be a good reason would be the agents/supervisors login's are slow going across a WAN link.

Maybe if you gave us a hint as to why they want to do this we could help.


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Re: ICD 3.0 Best Practices Doc

I would be glad to right this document.....

A little more info would reveal rather this is a good idea or not.

Such as:

How much bandwidth is available on the WAN side?

Will there be resources availble to admin the a distributed environment?

It these a budget for a distributed environment?

Michael Clendening

CCIE #6487

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