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ICD Agents stuck in-session

I have CM3.1 and CRA.

I am running a call center and I configured all ICD agents. All of them are using 7940 phones.

1. Is it possible for the agents to login once and have both extensions available? Right now, what I did was to create one user for line 1 and another user for line 2. Then the agent has to do two logins. I need to do one login and have both extensions go available.

2. After 3 rings and no answer, ICD extensions go unavailable. Agents have to keep watching the state of their lines all the time. If they dont see this line status they wont receive any calls. So now, the agents half of their time have to keep looking at the ICD Desktop Status. Is there any solution for this? Maybe make the line go available after a period of time? Or cancel the option of the lines going unavailable? Or incrementing the number of rings?

3. There are lots of known bugs related to extensions being stuck in-session state. Are there any good solutions for this problems? This gets us in a lot trouble in the call center performance. For example, bug CSCdu55522 does not allow to pick a call because it causes the ringing line to go to in-session state the whole time.

Any suggestion is apreciated.

Thank you,

Julio Alvarado

New Member

Re: ICD Agents stuck in-session

I am having the same problem and have found no way to rectify the issue using. I have also found that if the agent desktop is not properly logged out like a computer crash or the user just closes the application the session stays in place. The user does not even have the application running but still recieves calls. The issues are making my clients very uneasy about the product.

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