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New Member

ICD config

Can someone send us a good link on how to set up ICD ? Thank you very much.

Duc Vu

Cisco Employee

Re: ICD config

Since you didn't specify whether you are going to use the 2.2 engine or the 2.1 engine, I will assume 2.2.

New Member

Re: ICD config

The docs do a good job. If you have specific questions, I might be able to help.

New Member

Re: ICD config

I almost did ICD configuratin....But still do not understand something....

In Telephony application for ICD I should put CTI Route Point number....

But in that good doc I did not find anything about CTI ports and CTI Route Point....

Should I create Route Point and CTI ports exactly like in AA configuration?

If so than what user should have this devices associated? RMJTAPI or JTAPI?

Resouce Manager is connected with Resources...(Those devices that have ICD extention)....

But at the same time in that doc is mentioned that RMJTAPI user should be assotiated with some agent devices.... Is it those devices that have ICD extention or this is CTI ports and CTI Route points?

Can somebody say what is for what.....

I figured out that we need have RM user in CM - RMJTAPI,

We need configuring Resource manager in Application Administration with this RMJTAPI username...

I thought that we can configuring one more Application CTI Port group in JTAPI... but it is not...May be we need use one big pool of CTI ports and share it with all application...? It is not clear....

I also thought that by including Resources in group for Resource manager we already provide this application with DNs (numbers for calling...). But than what about that entry point number (CTI Route point)...for ICD Telephony Application configuration....

Cisco Employee

Re: ICD config

You need to use a single contiguous pool of CTI Ports for all applications on each application server, so if you are using AA and ICD then you can use only a single CTI Port group.

The RM JTAPI user needs to be a different user in the directory than the "regular" JTAPI user for the application server.

The "regular" JTAPI user needs to have all the CTI Route Points for application pilot numbers and all the CTI Ports in the port group associated to it.

The RM JTAPI user needs to have each person's phone that is going to be an ICD agent associated to it.

New Member

Re: ICD config

Thanks Dave...

Actually I configured it exactly like you say in you letter...

But I did it by trying different combination....and stop when got JTAPI status IN_SERVICE (all other combination lead to PARTIAL_SERVICE)...

So I have one more question....

It looks like that ICM have some two way connections to users/DNs.

On one hand Resouce Manager have devices that configured into Resource group and User RMJTAPI.... This is one connection....

On the other hand....That user (RMJTAPI) assigned to devices that have ICD DNs...This is other connection...This one looks like excessive...

Is this one absolutely needed too?

And one more question about CTI ports....

I think that I get it ... but just to confirm...

How many this CTI ports I need...

Is it some way connected with numbers of incoming lines?

For example... If I configuring single site with 10 lines in... Is it OK do 10 CTI?

Cause ...if you can have calls from WAN... Than it is other numbers...

I already wrote question about this stuff... Some advices about numbers of this kind of devices?

The same stuff about call park and maybe something about pickup groups...

Thanks again...


New Member

Re: ICD config

Tried to call to ICD....

If agent do not logged in than it looks like OK...- Everybody busy...

When I start Agent and successfull login and make it available... than I call ICD number again...

This time it works wrong...

I see that State Available on Agent goes to In-Session, do it few time (voice tried to say something, put on hold (I hear start of hold music) and than hang-on....

Agent phone do not ring....

Is it Ok?

New Member

Re: ICD config

Resource Manager can have up to 48 groups and 48 agents...

Is it 48x48 or just 48?

And what is the reason have different groups?

New Member

Re: ICD config

Does anyone know of an ICD course that is available??

New Member

Re: ICD config

I have a situation where only two agents are used in the ICD. There are random times when both agents are not logged in (during a meeting). How can I edit the ICD script to check for logged in users (not available users) before sending the caller to the queue? The default ICD script will drop the caller into the queue, even if there are no agents logged into the system.

I would like to setup the script to send callers directly to a voicemail DN if no agents are logged in.

New Member

Re: ICD config

I assume that you are using the default script on the ICD. To be able to forward the call to the voice mail if no agents is avaible you need to edit the default icd.aef using the cra editor. By default the script was setup for continuos loop.

New Member

Re: ICD config

I am using an edited version of the default icd.aef script. I am familiar with how to edit these scripts. I know how to send callers to voicemail if no agents are available, but my question is "How do I send callers to voicemail if no agents are logged in?" There is a difference between "logged in" agents and "unavailable" agents. If agents are logged in and unavailable, I want calls to go into the queue. If there are no agents logged in, I want calls to go to voicemail. There must be an "if" statement that can determine if an agents are logged in and route the call accordingly.

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