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ICD migration

We have a customer who is running ICD V2 and we are going to upgrade to V3 enhanced. Since it is a live system we plan to build the new ICD on another server with different name and IP address and run the two in parallel for a while with different route points, route ports, test agents etc.

Then when they are comfortable with it, cut the live agents over to the V3 enhanced and switch off the old V2 system.

Is it ok to have 2 ICDs connected to the same Call Manager?

New Member

Re: ICD migration

i can't see any issues with this - as long as the additional CTI load on your CallManager does not exceed the weighting for the type of server you have.

In fact - multiple servers per application is one way of delivering resiliance.

You may want to set the system up (e.g. the Route Points and Ports) with its own device pool that uses a different CCM Server from the live system to distribute the load. You could then just switch the order of the servers in that device pool's CM Group when you go live.

Hope this helps.



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Re: ICD migration

What about the JTAPI and RManager users in Call Manager? We plan to add new route ports and new route points for the new system. Do we just associate these with the existing JTAPI and RManager users?

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Re: ICD migration

Yes, its ok to have 2 ICDs on one CM. I have done it. Both of the ICD systems were 2.x, and the 2 call centers were seperate. I just setup a second RM user and Jtapi user, CTI RP and ports and assigned the rights just like on the first one. It works great.

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