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ICM 4.6 and Windows 2000

Is anybody out there using ICM 4.6 with Windows 2000 and Active Directory? If so, what problems (if any) have you experienced? Also, which model did you use?

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Re: ICM 4.6 and Windows 2000

There are a small number of ICM 4.6.x Windows 2000 customers currently deployed and they are all using the dedicated forest/root domain model. (Model #1) Most of these are IPCC (single or just a few sites) but there are also several large scale traditional ICM customers with TDM-based ACD's/IVR's.

Using a Child domain for the ICM (Model #2) would have required these customers to perform their hardware staging and installation of the system on-site, while connected to their corporate forest--on-site integration was an additional cost for the project that they could not justify and decided to use an integration partner (Total Tec) to supply the hardware and stage/load the ICM software off-site.

Customers who have consided integrating the ICM into their corporate forest (Model #3) have run into issues with their security police and domain admins who didn't want to give out the domain admin rights to their ICM admins. ICM admins need domain admin rights to run the ICM Setup program (for all but PG's) and to add new users via the User List Tool. If we got past the security issues, you're going to run into the additional cost issues of staging and loading the system on-site with trained engineers who understand how the ICM needs to be set up and loaded.

Where we have seen problems in the field thus far has been with systems that don't have their DNS set up correctly, both at the server and client ends. If the DNS doesn't have the appropriate zones set up (both forward and reverse lookup) systems may not be able to log in and start their ICM services correctly. Clients that are re-IP'ed need to be handled as well and they need to be able to find the domain controllers via the DNS to log in as well. Symptoms of DNS problems include processes not starting up correctly (or at all) and slow response on AW's for config/script and user add/update functions. Most of the problems we have seen so far are on the AW's and Loggers (database machines) because these machines use domain-level accounts to start their processes vs. the Router and PG's that use local machine accounts to start their processes.

As with anything, planning and design are key to getting it right for your migration. Check out the docs we have posted on CCO and talk to your account team/partners about your migration planning early.


-Chris Klardie


Re: ICM 4.6 and Windows 2000

This is about 3 months old. Has anyone entertained or completed this migration from 4.1.X, NT4 to 4.6.2 WIN2K? If so, how did you get around the WIN2K Forest\Child issue? In 4.1.X, the ICM had its own domain which was fine, but with WIN2K, we are catching a lot of heat from the server team stating that they need to adhere to Allstate standards and figure out how to intigrate with us instead of becoming another Forest. Any help other can provide is greatly appreciated.

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