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ICM Network Transfer - How to change the routing client?

Hello all,

One tough question. We ICM with post-routing only to 12 sites (all of them AVAYA). Now the customer installed a VRU with GED124 support of the routing protocol. We have dozens of services, peripheral targets and labels for all services coming and going from once site to the other (let say 1 thousand). Now some calls are directed to the VRU to get the mobile phone number and be directed to the appropiate service. We are trying to avoid to configure all peripheral targets for the VRU.

I have been doing some testing and all works well. I found that we could use existing scripts (and peripheral targets and labels) from the Call Tracer enabling Network Transfer Call, setting one of the ACD as the routing client and the incoming VDN as the dialed number. This way call tracer gets a label that IS VALID FOR OUR PURPOSES (customer has unified numbering plan).

The question here is how could we simulate this on the IVR Script? I have seen that Call.NetworkTransferEnabled can be set in the script, but I don't know how to set the routing client and dialed number.

We want to do this to avoid a hard work, this is Enterprise ICM, no NAM, just post-routing applications.

Any help is welcome.

Regards from Madrid, Spain,

Alfonso Hidalgo


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Re: ICM Network Transfer - How to change the routing client?

In this scenario to send a call to VRU either u need to setup translation route or use IVR as a first routing client and create dialed numbers for the IVR routing client.

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