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ICM Partitioning

Dear Experts,

We are currently investigating this feature from ICM, does anyone of you have done it. And what is the effect of this with regards to the operations and administration.


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Re: ICM Partitioning

ICM Partitioning is a feature that allows the ICM Central Controller database to tag specific objects with "security" settings and associate them with a particular business entity or Partition within the system. It adds to the administration of the system as new objects are added to the system they need to be identified as being "owned" by one of the Partitions--which can become problematic when mutliple business groups share a peripheral.

The cases where I have seen this feature be very successful are were a customer had several very discrete business units with their own specific call centers, agents, dialed numbers, etc. that could be easily identified as "owned" by that Partition. Reporting works well in this model if you use the ICM provided reporting templates which use the Partition's Security Views on the database to control access. If you use SQL or some other tool to read the database tables directly for data, there is no control over the data access since everything is contained in the one ICM database.

There is a good document on security that you can review on CCO:

Cisco ICM Software Security Guide

As a tip, consider the use of this feature carefully--once the system is partitioned it can not be undone without completely rebuilding the system databases.

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