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ICM pg's split across sites

Has anyone heard of having dual PG's split across 2 different sites, and is this a supported design?



Re: ICM pg's split across sites

The current design guidance for remote JTAPI over the WAN is "don't do it." It has not been tested officially and is not supported -- these connections are designed to be "local" on a layer two switch -- not a routed connection. Although it's only call control, the messaging protocol is very time sensitive and needs to see messaging in a particular order, so if the network dropped a "call answered" event, it would not be re-sent and the PG wouldn't know it happened.

Other components, like the Agent Desktop and the CTI OS Server are also fine to be remote from each other over a WAN. They aren't tagged like the PG traffic, but the messaging protocol isn't as fussy and can self-heal from dropped packets. Likewise the AW's can be remote from the ICM Central Controller but I'd make the note that if the AW is an HDS, there is additional data being sent to it from the Logger as part of the HDS replication, so you may need to factor in additional bandwidth to handle this data flow over the WAN -- better to be safe than sorry as I found at a large enterprise customer (12 sites and 6,000 agents) they needed a T-1 just to keep the HDS up to date across their WAN link.

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Re: ICM pg's split across sites

We have PG's split...and no it's not supported but works well for redundancy.

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