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ICS 7750 and Active Directory

- When a ICS 7750 is configured with a SPE310 for use with Unity, the

installation guide mentions that only Exchange 2000 is supported.

Exchange 2000 has a requirement of MS Active Directory.

So, is it better to have only the SPE with Unity using AD, or is it better

to configure all present SPE's (CallManager / ICD / Unity ) to use AD?

What are the pros and cons of either methods?

Also, in a pure AD architecture, should the non Unity SPE's be configured

as domain controllers or member servers in the directory?

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Re: ICS 7750 and Active Directory

The pros are:

-Centralized directory.

The cons are:

-Single point of failure in AD, assuming you are running redundant CM SPEs.

-Users can't change their password from the /ccmuser page. The admin will always have to do it for the user in AD.

There isn't a requirement to have the CM/ICD/etc servers be a member of the domain. Either way is fine.


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Re: ICS 7750 and Active Directory

and if you must avoid having the admin change the password in AD which i certainly would not want to do, they can go to


log on then click shortcuts, options, change password. this will allow the user to change their own AD password.

OWA is installed by default on EX2k but the IISADMPWD Virtual directory is not .you must set this up heres how;EN-US;Q267596&

after this is set up you can even just have them access this virtual directory directly rather than having them log into exchange but.....


for example

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