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ICS 7750 and ICD agent login problems

Has anyone had experience with an ICS 7750 system that included ICD? I have a problem that seems somewhat strange. The problem symptoms are:

Add a new IP phone, add a new User (with EM), add this User as an agent into ICD. Phone works, User can login for EM, User cannot login as Agent (ICD never accepts this agent). Only work around is to delete and re-install all (phone, User, Agent). Sometimes this has to be done multiple times before successful.

Possible contributing factor; ICD was originally installed on same SPE-310 as CM Publisher. It was then removed from Publisher SPE and re-installed on separate SPE. I believe this to be a DB issue. But, my experience with the DB in CMs has been if the DB has problems, multiple operations fail, not one specific piece.

I am curious whether anyone else has seen similar issues. And has anyone corrected these in a production system without having to rebuild both servers?

I am interested in anyone's thoughts on the subject. (I am not convinced I am on the right track, yet).


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Re: ICS 7750 and ICD agent login problems

The problem sounds more like an issue with the LDAP config on the ICD SPE. I would run through the Engine & Repository setup under appadmin and verify the Directory settings. If the ICD is on a different SPE you may also want to verify that the JTAPI versions are consistent with the CM.

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Re: ICS 7750 and ICD agent login problems

Rob, the curious part is according to the administrator, the problem surfaced only after ICD was removed from the CM SPE and was reinstalled on its own SPE. (So supposedly it worked great after the initial install). I am thinking the uninstall process was the culprit. But, that leaves me with trying to dig out the link that shouldn't be there. Or, reinstalling both applications cleanly. Not something I want to do an a production system. Since backing up the Publisher completely could end up saving the information I want to get rid of. I agree that it might be an LDAP issue. The JTAPI are supposedly correct according to the customer.

Thanks, I will let you know what happens.


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