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ICS-7750, IOS-H.323 gateway problem


It's impossible to place a call from an H.323 endpoint to the PSTN while passing by Cisco IOS H.323 Gateway. I configured a Gatekeeper. Everything goes well for the registration. I can see on my soft gatekeeper (not Cisco call manager, personal soft gk) that the gateway is registered as its IP address.

However, when I place a call from a H.323 endpoint (OpenPhone or netmeeting, both have same reaction), the gateway send and ARQ to the gatekeeper, the gatekeeper respond an ACF. My endpoint send its H225 Setup message. The gateway respond a call-proceeding and a Progress message (correct behavior). H.323 Endpoints and gateway exchange their Capability set and proceed the MasterSlaveDetermination. My H.323 endpoint Open a logical channel for receving with G.711 u-law codec with 20 frames, but after sending its OpenLogicalChannelAck message to the gateway, the gateway send a ReleaseComplete message with endedByRefusal reason.

We can't know why the gateway send this message (no log provided). The event manager provide nothing useful for us. The monitor feature is also unuseful. Why does the gateway clear the call arrived at this level in the call establishment ?

Additionaly, where can we set the H.323 alias of the gateway ? It register with its IP address.

Is there a secret to establish a normal call between a H.323 endpoint and the PSTN.

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Re: ICS-7750, IOS-H.323 gateway problem

Some thing needs to be clarified:

Was an MRP used as the "H.323 Gateway"? If yes, please include "show ver", "show run", "show voice dsp".

From the description, the peer of the "H.323 Gateway" is a OpenPhone or netmeeting. Was it set up correctly? Was correct codec set up on the "H.323 Gateway"? netmeeting only supports limited codec types and the default is G.723.1 I believe.

What if a gatekeeper is not used?

Better yet, open a tac case we can gather debugs and work further.



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Re: ICS-7750, IOS-H.323 gateway problem

>Additionaly, where can we set the H.323 alias of the gateway ? It register with its IP address.

mrp-selxml(config)#int fa 0/0

mrp-selxml(config-if)#h323-gateway voip h323-id xxxxxxx


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Re: ICS-7750, IOS-H.323 gateway problem

Can I configure that via the web interfaces ?

I succeeded to establish a call between my H.323 endpoints and the PSTN via the Cisco h.323 gateway. My problem was that the gateway register to the gatekeeper with the first ip address (in my case and the address of the MRP is Without the gatekeeper the call succeed. But when it register to the gatekeeper with 202.1, the gk route the call to this address and CCM reject the call.

Is there a way to register the MRP to the gatekeeper instead of the CCM ?

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