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ICS 7750 Subscriber and SQL

Installing CCM 3.3.2spB Publisher and 1 Subscriber. We had to reimage the SPE's and have the Publisher up and running. When we attempt to load the Subscriber it complans of not having SQL on the machine and the CCM install throws and exception and quits.

Part of the problem may be that we are waiting on a distribution copy of the ICS install software. I have downloaded and installed System Manager 2.6.0 on the Publisher and loaded the Core on the the Sub, but that does not load SQL on the machine. From some docs out on CCO, the CCM installer is supposed to do that.

Anyone know if there is a difference between the 78xx MSI installer and a 77xx installer?

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Re: ICS 7750 Subscriber and SQL

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Re: ICS 7750 Subscriber and SQL

Yes, I followed/am following the install procedure to the letter and have no skipped or missed any steps and have re-reimaged the blade with the same results.

Does applying the OS patch have some affect on SQL being installed?

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Re: ICS 7750 Subscriber and SQL

Supported order of CallManager installation on ICS is

1. Reimage with ICS OS CD

2. Install ICS System Software 2.6.0

3. Install win-OS-upgrade-2000-2-3.exe

4. Install Call Manager 3.3(2)

5. Install OS-sp (current version like windows or SQL etc)

6. Install any Call Manager sp's(like Service Pack B for 3.3.2)

What I understand from your email is that CCM installation is throwing an exception about not having SQL on the machine. As I mentioned above OS patches has to be installed after CallManager installation, but I don't think your problem is because of installing OS patch before CM installation. SQL will be installed as part of CM installation. If for some reason SQL wasn't installed properly and CM installation is proceeding then it may throw this type of error.

Can you open a TAC Case and send us logs from "C:\Program files\Common Files\Cisco\Logs"

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Re: ICS 7750 Subscriber and SQL

This was my original question:

Is there a difference between the CCM 3.3 MSI installer for the 7750 versus the 78xx series?

We are using a 3.3 MSI for a 78xx series of CD's pending the arrival of our ICS 7750 software package.

I will get the logs and post them to a TAC case to follow.

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Re: ICS 7750 Subscriber and SQL

The CM CDs/installs are identical. We use the exact same CD as CM ships with an MCS. The OS is different and we use the OS-upgrade. It sounds like the install of CCM failed for some reason. I'd suggest getting the install logs to see why it didn't install SQL (see what the errors are).

Note that the OS CDs are different. The MCS OS CDs are not applicable on an ICS. You need to ensure that ICS System Software (Core SW) is installed on the Subscriber SPE. If that's not present, the Subscriber install would fail.

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