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ICS7750 and Ghost

have an ICS7750 in our lab with 2 SPE310 blades. I would like to be able to image various scenarios (i.e. Call Manager 3.3 and Unity, Call Manager 3.2 and CRS 3.0, etc...) such that I can quickly restore a "generic" image for testing, demos, etc. I am having *extreme* difficulties getting the the blades to boot as a client to my ghost server. The NICs on the SPEs are Intel 8255x based PCI Ethernet Adapter (10/100) and I've tried forcing Speed and Duplex settings using all of the default Intel card settings on the ghost boot disk.

Has anyone had any success using ghost images for the ICS 7750? Note: This is non production


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Re: ICS7750 and Ghost

If your using a ghost cast server, you can use a usb TEAC and create a bootable ghost cd that will load up the nic drivers. If you don't know how to create a bootable cd I'll send you the util. I have actually had success doing this.

Next. There is a utility that cisco uses to image the blades. I don't know if it is g.a. to us, but it never hurts to ask.

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Re: ICS7750 and Ghost


I've nailed the problem down to my laptop as far as ghosting goes. I've disabled the personal firewall, but there is some service that is preventing any sort of machine from connecting to it...more troubleshooting there later on. As far as the ICS goes, I've now got an issue where Slot 5 cannot communicate accross the backplane. (Windoze server displays "cable disconnected" on ipconfig. ICSConfig spits out Error Code: 200. The switch blade can't put interface 0/7 in an up state)

Apart from that, I'd love to see your usb boot util. I can create one for IDE but not for the USB. (

Your help is appreciated.

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Re: ICS7750 and Ghost

Check the config on the SSP. The port may have accidentally been shut down. Does the ICSConfig detect the SPE in slot 5? What info does it give if it does?

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Re: ICS7750 and Ghost

The switchport is in a "down, down" state - not administratively. ICSConfig reports "Error Code: 200" when attempting to detect the blade. The documentation on the ICS that the Error Code links to lists 4 troubleshooting points (I'm away from the unit right now, so I'm going from memory).

1) Check that the switchport is not administratively down

2) Verify switchport is part of VLAN1

3) Verify Core software matches System Manager

4) I cannot recall this one.

I've verified each of the steps and received no joy (as well as the one I cannot recall). This unit is not part of our smartnet either....since it's just a lab unit.

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Re: ICS7750 and Ghost

I have been also successful in creating a bootable CD that dumps me

into ghost and run a multicast client (SPE) to multicast server (W2K box).

what I would like to do, is create a bootable CD with approp CD drivers (for USB teac) and load the image locally via CDROM vs Network install.

(not using multicast - just ghost (split image into CD size chunks)

any ideas would be appreciated.

please answer here, as well as email me please

thanks in advance

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Re: ICS7750 and Ghost

If I were doing an upgrade from 3.2 to 3.3 could I backup my two CCM spe's and restore from them without any negative effects on the unity blade?

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