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I try to run icsconfig on ics7750, all modules dectected except the SPE310 that runs the system software ( below output ). This spe310 on slot 6 is CCM. The CCM is working fine. It processes calls normal but can't be dectected by icsconfig. Has anyone had any experience on this problem.

Please advice.



Please wait while ICS 7750 is discovering system cards... (0%)

Checking password completed, please continue with ICSConfig.

Discovery status

Slot Type IP Status Message

1 MRP3-8FXS Validating...

2 MRP300 Checking...

3 Empty OK

4 SPE310 Checking...

5 SPE310 Checking...

6 Unknown Detecting...

7 SSP Checking...

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Re: ICS7750

I have had this occurance more than once. Usually after all the card validate and check there will be an error message to the right of this output. If not...

These log files may help find the problem.

C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\ics\Program\multi.log. This log shows you the ongoing discovery process for each card in the chassis.

C:\Program Files\Cisco System\ics\Program\back.log. This log shows you older information that has been moved from the multi.log after that log fills up.

Did you change the hostname after installation? If so read this...

Because Microsoft SQL Server is installed on the SPE as part of the system software and later as part of the Cisco CallManager installation, it is best practice to change the SPE host name prior to installing system software. If you have already installed system software, you can still change the host name of an SPE running System Manager, but only if no applications (including Cisco CallManager) have been installed on the SPE.

For detailed procedures on how to change the host name of an SPE running System Manager, refer to the Cisco ICS 7750 Installation and Configuration Guide. Once any applications are installed on the SPE, you cannot change the host name without first reimaging the SPE and restarting the SPE replacement process.

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Re: ICS7750

I hve figured out the problem. I changed the vlan on ssp. I put back to default vlan1 and icsconfig is able to discover the spe now. Thanks for the input.


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