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Identify Unity Build Version When Unity is Down?

If I have a customer that Unity is down, and we need to identify the correct Unity version and build # in order to proceed with the Dialogic Uninstall, Re-install procedure, how do I find that information on the machine? Is there a registry location? Also, can I identify the exact build from a Unity CD, in other words, if he has a 2.3 CD, which version of 2.3 is it by looking at the CD?<br><br>


Re: Identify Unity Build Version When Unity is Down?

To identify the build on a CD open the CD1.ID file on CD #1 in notepad or something and the full version with build number will be at the top.

To identify the build number of Unity when it's down you can look in the registry, but that involves knowing how those long strings of digits translate into major, minor, build,rev values. Kind of hairy.

The easier way to do it is to go to the Commserver directory, find the AvCsMgr.EXE file, right click it and select properties. Choose the version tab and then select the "product version" option in the list box (ignore the file version at the top... that's different). It should show you the full major,minor,rev, build numbers here.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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