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Idle display and fast dial service bug??

Has anyone had any problems with the idle display url and fast dial services on 7940/60 phones? When users pickup the reciever their phone while it's showing the idle display the phone automatically dials the first fast dial configured. If the phone is not idle and the reciever is picked up the phone acts normally. The wierd thing is that not all phones are affected. We are running 3.33sr3 on our call managers. Thanks in advance for any help!


Re: Idle display and fast dial service bug??

Did you ever work out a fix for this, as I have been told of one of our customers with exactly the same problem. They're on 3.3.2C ES60



Re: Idle display and fast dial service bug??

FYI this also affects 3.3(3) SR3...

(firmware P00305000300)

I believe it also affected 3.3(3) as well, so it's been there for a while.

It seems to be a bug with Cisco's XML tag "Dial:nnnn" which is used by the fastdials application.

I am not aware of a fix, or even a bug logged on this one so far...

The only "fix" would be to set the idle url timeout for their phones to 0 for those affected, which of course has the side effect of disabling the idle url.

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