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Idle URL not working after a call

I've set up a web app that displays various information and uses the redirect header to refesh the information. The phone works great at first, but after receiving a call (sometimes) or making a call (sometimes), the idle timeout never occurs and the phone remains on the speed dial screen. Hitting the services button returns to the "screen saver" app and continues it's refreshing. I shouldn't have to hit the services button after a call, the idle timeout should take care of this. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in the phone firmware?

Phone info


Phone Model: CP-7961G

Load File: TERM41.7-0-2-0S

Boot Load ID: 7961G_64-020704128Amd64meg.bin

App Load ID: Jar41.2-9-1-45.sbn

JVM Load ID: CVM41.2-0-1-45.sbn

OS Load ID: onu41.2-7-5-50.sbn


Re: Idle URL not working after a call

I think your problem is that the if the phone is on the speed dial screen, it's not considered idle.. idle = the standard screen is being displayed and there there are no active/held calls.

At least that's what I gather from you saying the phone remains on the speed dial screen (though why it would be there after taking a call is beyond me).

New Member

Re: Idle URL not working after a call

I am calling it the speed dial screen, but it might be called something else. It displays my number and contains a bunch of empty lines corresponding to the speed dial buttons on the right on the phone. This is the screen the phone goes to after a call. It has the following buttons at the bottom: Redial, New Call, CFwdAll. I presume that this screen is the default screen to go to after receiving or placing a call and that after a certain amount of time on this screen (idle time) it then goes to whatever URL is configured in the Idle URL field.

Re: Idle URL not working after a call

I would call that the default screen ;)

Trace the http traffic from the phone.. if you press the service button that suggests the idle url was never cancelled.. the newer generation of phones can keep some service "hanging", meaning another function was just put on top and if you press the service button, you "recall" the service that was previously active, so I think as far as the phone is concerned, the idle url is still loaded (also, have you verified that it's not actually reloading in the background?)

You also have an old load.. have you tried the 8.0.3?

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