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Hi all

Do you know how to get my .xml file into CCM 5.0 to get it dispayed as IDLE URL? It was working back in 4.1(3).

How can acomplish this?

Thanks in advance for any help

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Re: IDLE URL on CCM 5.0

Hi Javier,

Perhaps this is what you are looking for;

Uploading TFTP Server Files

You can use the Upload TFTP Server File option to upload various files for use by the phones to the server. Files that you can upload include custom phone rings, callback tones, and backgrounds. This option uploads files only to the specific server to which you connected, and other nodes in the cluster do not get upgraded.

To upload TFTP server files, follow this procedure:



Step 1 From the Cisco Unified Communications Platform Administration window, navigate to Software Upgrades>Upload TFTP Server File.

The Upload TFTP Server File window displays and shows a listing of the current uploaded files.

Step 2 To upload a file, click Browse and then choose the file that you want to upload.

Step 3 To start the upload, click Upload File.

The Status area indicates when the file gets uploaded successfully.



Note If you want to modify a file that is already in the TFTP directory, you can use the CLI command file list tftp to see the files in the TFTP directory and file get tftp to get a copy of a file in the TFTP directory.

From this CCM 5.0.2 doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: IDLE URL on CCM 5.0

Hi Rob

Yeah, already found how to upload to the TFTP directory, but I'm not sure tha is what I need.

On CCM 4.1 I placed my xml "image" on the folder CCMCIP so the IDLE URL was http://CCMAddress/CCMCIP/logo.xml

Now on 5.0 I do not know how to copy my logo.xml on that folder. I tried copying on the TFTP but on that case I do not know how the URL would be constructed.

I hope I was able to explain the issue and thanks for any help

Re: IDLE URL on CCM 5.0

I've always used another web server to host the idle URL, in 5.x at least since we don't have access to put new files in the web paths in 5.x, so as long as the phone have access to that web server you should be fine.



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