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New Member

Ignore Key

never understood this one.

why doesn't "inore key" ignore the DTMF tones all-together? Essentially, ignore key should be called not assigned, rather than Ignore. Was this corrected in 4.0? Is there a way to get it to really ignore the dtmf tones when the key is not assigned? are there plans for this ever?

These aren't my questions, per se. rather they are being forwarded by me as a proxy for a client.

Cisco Employee

Re: Ignore Key

I go into some detail on this issue in the "Audio Text Applications in Unity" doc out on the Documents page of

Short story, if you "Lock" the key and set it to ignore, it'll do what you want... not locking the key means you may be dialing an extension and we need to patiently wait and collect digits until you're done.

The key to what you want to do is judicious use of the lock option... check out the doc for more detail.

New Member

Re: Ignore Key

someday i hope to make it out to the Seattle / Oregon area... and when i do, i owe you dinner.

thnx again

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