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Image Cleanup

Dear Members:

I am currently creating a screen saver service for our 7940/7960 phones. I am having a problem converting our images to CIPs where they appear clean and clear. This is what I have tried thus far...

- All our images are in JPG format, I have converted them to GIF using Photoshop, so the images have not lost any format, they still look the same as opposed to using a simple conversion tool.

- I have shrunk each image to 65x65

- I have simply converted the image to CIP, but it looks fuzzy.

- I have tried to clear away the background to see if that would help...but to no avail.

I am really stuck with what I can try next. A basic question I was thinking of is can these images possibly be to enhanced for what the phones can handle. Is there a better way to do this, like is the only way by using the SDK photoshop plugin tool (Which I could not get to work BTW)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

New Member

Re: Image Cleanup

I have been trying to change the logo on our 7960 phones and am having the same kind of problem. I have not been able to get the image to show up on the phone using the GIF2CIP utility. The only way I can get the image to show up on the phone is a .BMP file. It is fuzzy. the file is 125x90 pixels. Any ideas on a font that will show up clear?


Re: Image Cleanup

Not sure if this URL will help:


125x90 is too large for the phone to handle, it should be 125x60 (might be able to be 125x65, can't remember exactly...), max color depth of 2 bits (value of 0, 1, 2, or 3 as per the spec). You should be able to use an image editor to create a GIF, and then Gif2Cip the image. If your image is overly complicated, it may not appear as neatly as you might like due to limitations of the phone. Experiment a bit and you should be able to find something acceptable...

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