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Images for IP communicator

I am trying to get a idle url color logo to display on the IP Communicator. I have been able to get a cip image to display but not a color png. I have followed the format needed for the png. When I set my idle url for that file, the IP Communicator shows requesting, but never displays an error or image.

Do you have to convert the png to something (like you do gif to cip)?

Do you just point to the url and filename.png?

Thanks in advanced.



Re: Images for IP communicator

You don't have to convert the image, the communicator/7970 is able to display png format files.

Try wrapping your png file in the Communicator/7970's CiscoIPPhoneImageFile XML tag. To do this, you will need to create an ASP web page that references your png file. Use this ASP page as the idle url instead of directly referencing the PNG file.

Create an asp file such as the following, and place the png file in the same folder on your web server as this asp page:

<%@ Language=JavaScript %>


Response.ContentType = "text/xml";


Replace the value in the URL parameter with the path to the png file.

That should work...

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Re: Images for IP communicator

Thanks very much. That did the trick. I am a PBX guy by trade and the xml, asp stuff is all new.

Thanks again.


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Re: Images for IP communicator


we have a camera which send us pictures in the *.png format. Can i create this idle picture on the 7970 in that way that it will be updated every 5 seconds or much better as background image that is updated every 5 seconds?

thanks Achim

New Member

Re: Images for IP communicator

Hello Achim,

you can try, this in your asp-page:

Response.AddHeader("Refresh", "5;");

The page will update all 5s.


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