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Import existing Exchange users

I imported existing Exchange user. When mail is left for user, mail goes to user's Exchange server mailbox and Unity's Exchange never sees it. Consequently, the MWI never turns on. <br><br>CM 3.0.10<br>Unity 2.4.6 106<br><br>


Re: Import existing Exchange users

I’m not sure if your talking about email messages or voicemail messages. If it’s email messages that your talking about then Unity will never light the MWI. MWI is only lit for voicemail messages.

If you are talking about voicemail messages then I should probably start with a brief description of how Unity uses Exchange server in a unified messaging environment.

Unity uses the Exchange directory for its database. This is why we always need Exchange on box. We stuff all of our data in custom attributes and other hidden fields that can only been seen in Exchange raw mode. This will change in Unity 3.0.

Unity uses the local Exchange server to send messages from outside callers. The ‘Unity Messaging System’ mailbox is the mailbox we use to do this. If the destination mailbox is on another server in the site then Exchange uses the MTA to transfer the message.

The MWI component of Unity called the Notifier acts as a MAPI client to login directly to users mailboxes. Another example of a MAPI client is Outlook. The Notifier checks for messages marked as unread with the 'imp.note.voice.unity' message class. Messages with this 'imp.note.voice.unity' class are known to Unity as voicemail. If it finds such a message it will light the subscribers MWI. In a unified messaging environment this MAPI session is to the remote server that the subscriber mailbox resides on. MAPI sessions are independent of Exchange.

So if you have a subscriber with a mailbox on a remote server, and Unity is not installed on that server, Unity will still know when that subscriber has a new voicemail since it uses MAPI rather than Exchange to determine this.


Keith Chambers
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Re: Import existing Exchange users

Guess I should have been more clear on my question.

Here goes... Unity server has its own Exchange installed. The Unity Exchange is another Exchange server in the site. The Unity subscriber was added using the 'import' function. In this manner, no mailbox for the subscriber appears on the Unity Exchange server. I left a test voicemail for the subscriber and sure enough, the voicemail appears in the subscribers office Exchange server. I did not see the MWI light. Am I missing the obvious on this?


Re: Import existing Exchange users

No, you're not missing anything. It could be that we're seeing the messages but the MWI mechansim is not functioning properly due to a misconfiguration on our end or in CM etc... check out the "MWI troubleshooting" post by Aaron at the top of this forum real quick for some common items that go wrong.

You can also test by setting up a notification device (i.e. that calls a phone number instead of lighting the message indicator) to see if Unity is getting state change events from user's mailboxes.

Jeff Lindborg
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