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Importing Distribution lists

In Unity 3.0, you have the option to import Distribution Lists from Exchange. I have a customer that has Unity 3.0(2) and has a number of distribution lists in their Exchange 5.5 server. Importing the list into Unity works fine, but there are no users listed as members. The customer had the understanding that the advantage of importing an existing DL would be that all of the users are already included.<br><br>I know there is a Public Distribution list builder available on Answermonkey, but I just want to know if importing users into Unity without users is expected behavior.<br><br>thank you<br><br>Jeff Schlesser<br>Unified Voice Technical Lead<br>San Jose TAC


Re: Importing Distribution lists

I don't think it's a case where it has no users, I think the SA is just not showing the email users in the list for some reason... It should be.

If you send a voice message to that DL over the phone, I'm betting good money everyone on the DL will get the message. You're likely looking at an SA bug or a long directory-to-sql sync time or some such thing along those lines.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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Re: Importing Distribution lists

Hey Jeff.

Yes, when I import a DL from exchange, no users show up as memebers in Unity SA. I have done this in Unity 3.0(2) with both Exchange 5.5 and 2000. Is this expected behavior - my guess is it is not. I will try this again on another 3.0 server. I may have to submit a bug on this...

My understanding is that when a message is sent initially to the DL (within the first 15 minutes) the message is received to all recipients. But according to my customer, he states the DL disappears after 15 minutes. He has not advised what happens if he tries to send another message to that DL. I have yet to witness this, but I wanted to see if Unity will actually remove a DL if there are no users listed. I can't imagine this would be the case and I have not been able to reproduce this on my Unity 3.0(2)/Ex2000 setup.

Customer is experiencing some sql errors and has hit a bug (CSCdv04296) that is supposed to be resolved when he applies this patch. So far he states the MSDE patch does not work. He states it bombs and the error states that the installation package could not be opened and to verify with the vendor that it is in fact a Windows installer package. Could this be related? I think it might.

I would appreciate anyone's feedback.

Jeff Schlesser
Unified Voice Technical Lead
San Jose TAC


Re: Importing Distribution lists

I don't have any info on the DL problem. Let us know how your investigatin goes, we haven't seen these issues in our testing as far as I know.

As for the MSDE patch, to successfully run the service pack, one needs to run "setup.exe /p SQLRUN" from the service pack folder. Otherwise you'll get the error message you saw.

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