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Importing existing Exchange users

We installed a new Unity server into an existing Exchange site. When we went to use the import utility we found that it didn't list the majority of users (nearly all) in Exchange. After some research we found that all exchange users were build with an alias of firstname.lastname (ie joe.blow). Exchange has had no problems in the past with this convention. We did find that we could import a single user at a time with the standard web import. Is the AVImport utility limited in any manner by the alias or other attributes of the existing mailbox properties?<br><br>Thanks for your help!<br><br>Rob Thornton<br><br><br>


Re: Importing existing Exchange users

Hey Rob.

Actually, we don’t have any problem with aliases that have periods in them. We don’t let you create aliases with periods in them from the SA (we took a conservative approach to legal characters from the SA), however you can import from the SA or the stand alone import tool no problem. I just tried this out on my 2.4.0 120 box and it works fine. We have a couple other sites I know of that use periods in their aliases that work OK as well (although frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea in general… but hey…).

I think you are dealing with a different problem… the issue where we don’t display all the users in your directory is likely related to a previous import attempt you made… ok, ok… I’m cheating. I talked to Ron about this site earlier today and we poked around a bit. It looks like some of the users that are in your site have been “tagged” as Unity subscribers at one point, perhaps by an import that was backed out? Either way, when we list users we screen out folks that already have some Unity properties set on them and I think that’s what’s happening. Some folks (with or without the “.” in their alias) are showing up in the import screen, most are not. Looking at a couple of the folks that aren’t in Exchange raw mode found one or two that had some Unity data in them… which makes me wonder what happened earlier on this site. DOHPropTest also didn’t show these users, even in global mode (which actually is kinda strange, I’ll check into that further tomorrow).

Either way, I think you have a different issue here. We’ll work it through support channels (unless folks are just dying to know what happens on this one…)

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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