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Importing into templates and Answermonkey going away?

I am migrating 1100 users from a 2.46 box on a 5.5 enterprise to a 3.1(3) box on a E2K enterprise. I want all the users, once the .mdb file is imported, to be forced to change their passwords, and I want to specify that some of them have one timezone, and some have another. Is there a way for me to import them into a specific template? Or do I just have to use bulkedit after the import?

Next question. Somebody is spreading rumors that the BU is saying that will be going away. PLEASE say this is not true. I, along with THOUSANDS of other Unity engineers, have come to rely on that site. It may be unofficial, but it, combined with the support I receive on this forum, has proven to be 5,000 times more effective than the support I get through official channels. It would be a crime to take it down.

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Re: Importing into templates and Answermonkey going away?

Not sure who would be spreading such rummors but AnswerMonkey (aka is not going anywhere. It's my site, I pay for it out of pocket and it's used for a number of other URLs such as (which is embedded into all the event log messages Unity logs in 4.0(1) and later) and is also used as an external redirector for several applications.

Honest... it's not going anywhere - someone is just having some fun yanking folk's chains I'm sure.

As for your question - the FullDBImport tool has a checkbox right on the main form where you can elect to force all users to go through first time enrollment again which will let them change their PW the first time they call in- if you want you can use BulkEdit after the import is complete to FORCE everyone to change their PW the next time they log in. BulkEdit also lets you set time zone information for users en mass.

Yes, you'll have to do it after the import is complete since the user information will be restored from the old system and it largely ignores templates during the import process.

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