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Cisco Employee

Importing Subscribers

I am using 2.4.5 73 version and I am importing close to 4000 users.. Im on close to 3000 and now when I import most of the time it dies in the process and does not import properly I have to log out and log back in to the sa and go back to the subscriber and imput whatever didnt come over.. It happens on every one now.. any thoughts..<br><br>


Re: Importing Subscribers

This is probably related to a known problem handling adding new users to one or more public distribution lists associated with the template you're using.

As more users are added to those DLs, the rather inefficient checks we were doing to find a user in those DLs before adding them took longer and longer. Eventually the time it took to check for a user across one or more DLs exceeded the timeout for adding the user and it would fail.

This has been fixed in the upcoming 2.4.6 release, however tou can get around this by removing any public DLs from the subscirber template you're using to import users with. it should allow you to continue on.

If that doesn't clear it, get on the horn to our support folks...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

Cisco Employee

Re: Importing Subscribers

in my subscriber templates there are no DL's and I just noticed that when I go to DL on the template it shows nothing and says error on page..

Cisco Employee

Re: Importing Subscribers

When in the release coming out...I have yet another 2000 or so users to import one by one.

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