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Importing Users to Cisco Unity from Exchange 2000

We have the following:

Unity 3.1(5) UM

Window2000 Active Directory

Exchange 2000

300 hundred users in AD container(ABC),500 hundred users in AD container(DEF) 500 hundred users in AD container(EFG) oher than Users

I want to import Exchange2000 users(about 30 users) from AD container(ABC)into Unity. I am able to use "Cisco Unity Import" to import users into Unity. By using "Cisco Unity Import", would it be possible for me to specify certain container, in this case container(ABC)? Do I have to use AD security policy to do that? By design, we would like only Users in container(ABC) appear in "Cisco Unity Import".

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem, or what the problem might be would be appreciated!

Thank you.

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Re: Importing Users to Cisco Unity from Exchange 2000

You can't restrict the import tool to only show you users in a specific container in the forest, it'll allow you to import anyone. Of course you can only grant rights to successfully update objects in a specific container such that imports will fail for other users in other containers but that's not really very optimal.

You can use the Global Subscriber Manager tool to do a more targeted import of users in the directory - it lets you surf to a particular container and see users in that container but you can't force it to only allow an administrator to see a particular container or set of containers if that's what you're trying to do.

You can get the latest Global Subscriber Manager off its home page here (along with it's training video):

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Re: Importing Users to Cisco Unity from Exchange 2000

Thank you very much, Jeff.

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