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Inbound DID's and Translation Patterns

Does anyone know of a good step-by-step guide on configuring translation patterns to work with inbound DID's that are not part of the main DID number range? Basically I have a need to configure several DID's to extensions that are not equal to the last 4 digits of the DID. I have read the Cisco documentation on this and it makes very little sense to me; or maybe the light bulb just has not clicked yet. I appreciate any help on this.


Re: Inbound DID's and Translation Patterns

Use translation patterns.

For example if the inbound DID number is 4321 and you would like it to ring extension 1234:

Configure a translation pattern of


(notice the dot at the end!)

then configure discard digits to predot which drops the entire string of 4321

then configure prefix digits of 1234

So basically 4321 matches the translation pattern and discards all digits but appends 1234 causing the call to ring 1234.

Same thing can be done for ranges. For example:

4.XXX would match incoming DID range 4000-4999 and I could prefix it with a 3 causing the translations to ring 3000-3999 (drop the 4 and prefix a 3).

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Re: Inbound DID's and Translation Patterns

Thank you very much; now this makes sense.

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