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incoming call problem when in SRST mode

GW is running in MGCP mode, when WAN goes down, SRST will kick off. Outgoing call is OK,but incoming call has problem. here is my partial GW config

dial-peer voice 100 pots

application mgcpapp

destination-pattern 9T


port 2/0:23



ip source-address port 2000

max-ephones 50

max-dn 100

keepalive 10

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy

The Q931 debug shows:

Mar 1 06:41:17.246: %CALL_CONTROL-6-APP_NOT_FOUND: Application mgcpapp in dial-peer 100 not

found. Handing callid 79 to the alternate app .

Then I am looking for any other alternate app. There is nothing in my config.

So I went to see my my another customer's SRST router configuration(which is working well), I noticed there are so many srst related

commands on that router

call application voice srst flash:srst_Cisco.

call application voice srst cm-pilot 1

call application voice srst aa-pilot 1

call application voice srst operator 1

call application voice srst language 1 en

call application voice srst set-location en 0 flash://

I think these are default generated.I've never enterer them before. This router is 3660. version 12.2(8)T5

The one having trouble now is 3725 version:12.2(15)T8.

Do I have to manually enter these commands on the 3725, or something else wrong?



Re: incoming call problem when in SRST mode

These config are for an auto attendant IVR.

The problem you are having is most likelythe router is not falling over to the default session application on the POTS dialpeer if the connection to the CM is lost. The router is trying to backhaul the D channel to the CM, but it's just being black holed. There is a simple fix -

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