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Incoming call question

Good morning!

I am in the process of adding another building to our CM system. All is well, except the DID number for that location is XXX-XXX-9549.

Our access code is 9. I created a translation pattern in CM to change the 9549 to 6000, and put 6000 on the receptionists phone.

My question is- What will happen with incoming calls? The gateway is set to strip the area code and prefix sending 4 digits to CM.

Internally, when I dial 9549 the correct phone rings. Will external, incoming calls work correctly? Or do I need to translate the incoming number on the VG200 to something other than 9549 (like 6000 to match the internal translation.)?

This is the first (and only) incoming number that has 9 as the first of the last four digits. Once I get past this stumbling point, it will all be downhill.

Thanks for your expertise!

Steve Barr

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Re: Incoming call question

Not sure if I got the entire picture, but do you need to translate only this one number to something else 9549 to 6000?

If yes, then you are on the right track with the translation pattern, to make it reachable from outside make sure that the parition assigned to the translation pattern is listed in the CSS assigned to the gateway.

Also, if you are using H.323 GW you can do this on the geatway by using tranlsation rules, if you use MGCP then the only solution is CallManager TP as described above.

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Re: Incoming call question

Thanks for the reply Chris.

Yes, I only need to translate one number.

I assigned the MadisonPT to the translation pattern, and the MadionPT is in the CSS of my gateway.

I am using an H.323 gateway. I read about translation rules, but wasn't sure if I needed that or not.


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